Founding Team

Visionaries who paved the way for success. Meet the inspiring minds behind the company's journey.

Kushal Rastogi

Founder, CEO, CTO

With a professional tenure spanning over 15 years, Kushal possesses a wealth of experience that fuels his leadership at Knight FinTech. He assumes a pivotal role in shaping the company's business strategy and overseeing the dynamic Product and Technology team. Prior to co-founding Knight FinTech, he made notable contributions at a leading European hedge fund, based in Vienna, Austria. Kushal's educational background includes holding a B.Tech and M.Tech degree from IIT Roorkee, further complemented by his status as a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). These credentials underscore his deep industry knowledge and proficiency in delivering innovative financial solutions.

Parthesh Shah

Co-Founder, CBO

Parthesh brings over 15 years of professional experience to his role as a leader at Knight FinTech. As the head of the business development team, he plays a vital role in driving the company's growth and forging strategic partnerships. Before co-founding Knight FinTech, Parthesh made significant contributions at Bloomberg (RTS) in Singapore, where he gained extensive expertise in technology consulting and business development. With his valuable industry connections and in-depth understanding of the fintech landscape, Parthesh is instrumental in fostering the company's success. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from SPIT-Mumbai and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), further enhancing his qualifications in the financial industry. Parthesh's leadership and experience contribute to Knight FinTech's ability to deliver innovative solutions and establish strong industry relationships.

Our investors

We take great pride to be backed by renowned and forward-thinking investors who share our passion for innovation and disruption. Together, we are shaping the future of banking.

Our Growth Story

Unveiling our journey from humble roots to phenomenal achievements. Explore the milestones, innovations, and transformative moments that have propelled our success.

  • Jun 2019


  • Nov 2019

    Launch of Beacon (Treasury Management Solution)

  • Jan 2020

    Seed Round - Prime Ventures

  • Dec 2020

    Launch of Knight Utopia (Digital Lending Solution)

  • Mar 2021

    Launched Industry's First Co-lending MVP

  • Jun 2021

    Won ICICI Securities contract

  • Aug 2021

    Investment round led by - 3one4 Capital

  • Mar 2022

    Launched Supply Chain Finance Solution

  • Jun 2022

    Went live with BOB

  • Aug 2022

    Won UCO Bank RFP

  • Sep 2022

    Launched Universal Core Banking Solution

  • Oct 2022

    Launched 1st NBFC with UCO Bank

  • Nov 2022

    3 NBFCs Live with BOB

  • Dec 2022

    4 NBFCs Live with UCO

  • Jan 2023

    Went Live with ICICI Securities

  • Feb 2023

    1st NBFC Live with SIDBI

  • Mar 2023

    9 NBFCs Live with UCO

  • Apr 2023

    2 NBFCs Live with SIDBI

  • May 2023

    Won contract with IOB

  • Jun 2023

    Won contract with Cosmos

  • Aug 2023

    Won contract with NABARD

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Compliance & Risk Management

With an exceptional team of professionals, our company boasts an impressive cumulative experience of over 150 years, enabling us to provide unmatched expertise and value to our clients.

Our Ethos

Our success in the fast-paced business world is built on the unwavering strength and dedication of our team. We thrive by upholding the values and honor in everything we do.

Accountability & Excellence

We consistently strive for excellence in execution, dedicated to delivering our best in all our endeavors. By taking ownership of tasks, we build trust and promote a sense of responsibility.

Customer First

Delivering outstanding support and service with a focus on the customer's needs and satisfaction. Placing the company's interests ahead of personal interests.

Ethical Foundation

We are guided by a commitment to doing what is right. Our work, interactions with customers, and relationships with colleagues are characterized by unwavering honesty and integrity.

Inclusive growth

Our commitment lies in fostering growth that aligns seamlessly with the company's expansion. We ensure equal and equitable opportunities for advancement, offering comprehensive training, mentoring, and upskilling to facilitate professional development.

Innovation & Resilience

We are committed to pioneering solutions for intricate business challenges, maintaining a competitive advantage, and introducing novel approaches to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. Our success in this dynamic environment is driven by the collective strength and resilience of our team.

Leading the Way with Accolades

We are humbled by the awards and recognition bestowed upon us, a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence.

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